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Naturally Relieving Anemia with Blood Tonic Syrup

  • 31 Aug 2019

Blood Tonic Syrup is a unique product for nourishing the blood naturally. It is made from Chinese medicinals of replenishing Qi and nourishing the blood. The formula is clinically proved with measurable beneficial effects to all 3 types of blood cells in China, naturally relieving anemia. It is the best for people with blood deficiency, blood loss or less than normal, women with menstrual disorders, the elderly and weakness due to chronic diseases.


  • Promote production of healthy blood
  • Replenish vital energy
  • Recommended by acupuncturists, herbalists and nutritionists around the country.

Suitable for:

  • People who are anemic
  • Women whose lose blood less than normal, or more than normal in menstruation
  • Patients of prolonged diseases (Cancer and HIV-positive patients are commonly anemic, particularly when taking cancer chemotherapy or anti-HIV medicines such as AZT)
  • Patients after surgery
  • Women in pregnancy and after giving birth
  • People who are weak or "just being sick" due to stress
  • The elderly who wish to fundamentally improve health condition
  • Anybody who feel need to fortify blood and vital energy

Beneficial effects:

  • Naturally relieving anemia (nutritional support to anemia filed with FDA according to DSHEA)
  • Maintaining clock-like scheduled normal period blood condition
  • Replenishing vital energy (It's not advised to take at night for avoiding too much energy to fall asleep.)

Certificates of Excellent Quality Product have been issued by National Bureau of Drug Administration of China (1981), National Technique Control Bureau of China (1989).

It was filed with FDA and marketed as dietary supplement in USA twenty years.

100% natural Chinese herbal supplement made in China, approved by Chinese government as traditional Chinese medicine.

Main ingredients:
Dong quai (root)
Codonopsis (root)
Astragalus (root)
Rehmannia (cured root tuber)
Poria (sclerotium)
Chinese peony (root)
Equns asinuslinnaeus (gelatin)
Sichuan lovage (rhizome)
Chinese licorice (root)

Honey blend, sweet and good taste. No alcohol, artificial color or flavor.*

NameTraditional Use
Dong QuaiHerb for nourishing the blood which is used to tonify the blood, promote blood circulation, relieve pain and various special problems of women.
RehmanniaHerb for nourishing the blood which is used to nourish blood, tonify "yin," replenish the vital essence and marrow
Equus asinus linnaeusTraditional blood tonic which is used to tonify the blood, arrest bleeding, nourish "yin"
White peony rootHerb for nourishing the blood which is used to nourish the blood, balance menstruation, reinforce "yin", nourish the liver.
Ligusticum chuanxiong hortCirculation promoter. Traditional use to promote blood circulation and flow of vital energy
CodonopsiVital energy tonic. Traditional use to replenish vital energy, nourish the blood, invigorate the spleen, promote the production of body fluid.
AstragalusVital energy tonic. Traditional use to tonify the vital energy, strengthen the "yang" and defensive energy
Liquorice rootVital energy tonic. Traditional use to replenish vital energy, invigorate the spleen, clear away "heat" and toxins, moderate proper ties of other herbs
HoneyVital energy tonic. Traditional use to invigorate the spleen, strengthen the stomach, moisten the lung
Smilax glabra roxbCirculation promoter. Traditional use to invigorate the spleen, excrete dampness, reinforce the heart, tranquilize mind.

Effects of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup on production and health of blood cells

Experiments have demonstrated that ingredients of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup can promote production of blood cells in all three stages of hemopoiesis, and contribute to the health of the related organs. These beneficial effects result in fundamental improvement of health condition of the body and naturally relieve anemia.

Effects on blood making process

Specific ingredients of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup that were experimentally observed to promote production and maturation of blood cells in different stages of hemopoiesis are summarized in following table.

Blood cells in different stages of hemopoiesisPlruipotent stem cellsCFU-GEMM, BFU-ECFU-ERed blood cells
Ingredient observed to promote production of the blood cells

Dang quai


Dang quai


Dang quai


Dang quai

Equus asinus linnaeus


Explanation: The effects of Dang Gui are more significant when peripheral blood cells are decreased, or when bone marrow is inhibited. Astragalus promotes generation and maturation of various kinds of cells including blood cells. It is noteworthy that it promotes production of DNA of bone marrow stem cells. Equus asinus linnaeus promotes production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Codonopsi increases red blood cells as well as hemochrome

Effects on organs related to production and health of blood cells

Specific ingredients of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup and their effects, observed experimentally or clinically, on blood cells and organs related to hemopoiesis are summarized in the following table.

ComponentsBlood cellsgastrointestinal systemThe kidneyThe liver
Dang Quaiprotect from being damaged by oxidant.Moisture gut, reported to be clinically used in treating acute gastritis.N/AMaintain normal function and protect cells from being damaged by oxidant
AstragalusN/AN/AImprove the function, experimentally observed, and clinically used to relieve nephritisProtect from damage by ClC4, clinically used to improve the function and treat hepatitis.
CodonopsiN/AAnti-ulcer, protect from damage of stomach mucosaN/AN/A
Ligusticum Chuanxiong hortAnti-hemolysisN/AIncrease blood circulationN/A
Smilax glabra roxbN/ARelax intestine, reduce stomach acidN/AProtect from damage by ClC4
LiquoriceN/AAnti-ulcer, spasmolysis reduce stomach acidN/AProtect from damages
white peonyN/ASpasmolysisN/AProtect from damages
HoneyN/AMoisture intestineN/AN/A

Effect on menstruation

The formula of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup includes the most well known "Four Plant Soup," namely, Dong Quai, White peony root, Rehmannia and Ligusticum Chuanxiong hort. This "Four Plant Soup" is well known for its beneficial effects and traditional uses for health of menstruation circle. Experimentally, it was observed that Dang Quai can regulate the status of myometrum of uterus with dual direction.


Data provided above are all based on peer reviewed published literature. No statements have been evaluation by FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. These data are provided only to shed lights on the mechanism in terms of Western medicine, how Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup approaches the problem of anemia. The term "clinic" in mention refers to the practical use in traditional Chinese medicine. Clinic observation on the beneficial effects of Nature's Essence Blood Tonic Syrup was originally reported by a joint group of professionals from two hospitals in China.

*It may not be used if you are vegetarian or allergic or sensitive to honey.

blood tonic

Product label: Blood Tonic Syrup / Blood Nutrient Syrup
Packing: 6.1 fl oz (180 ml) / bottle
Product of China


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