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This is a Chinese patent remedy which is regarded as the first medicine for hyperplasia of mammary glands. In clinic, it is applicable to the treatment of mammary hyperplasia (Clinical examination showed breast tenderness accompanied by a lump or mass. The breast pain or lumps increased with the menstrual period and with emotions and were accompanied by heart vexation, quickness to anger, insomnia, profuse dreams, and irascibility. The tongue fur was thin and white, and the pulse was bowstring. Lumbar aching and lack of strength were possible concomitant symptoms, as were menstrual irregularity, a pale red or dull red tongue body with some of the tongue edges showing a static purple color, and a soggy or fine pulse. Mammography and needle biopsy ruled out malignancies).

Ingredients: Astragalus, Chinese Salvia, Heal All (fruit spike), Chinese Asparagus, Sargassum, Bai-zhu atractylodes, Scrophularia, Sichuan fritillary, Frankincense, Myrrh.

Actions: Soothes the liver to relieve depression, regulates Qi to arrest pain, promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, relieves food retention and resolves sputum, softens hardness and disperses stagnation, invigorates Qi and replenishes spleen.

Indications: Use for hyperplasia of mammary glands, manifested as lump in breast, pain, dizziness, chest distress, chest pain, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness, poor appetite, irregular menstruation.*

Directions: To be taken orally after meals, 2-3 tablets each time, twice daily, 20 days per treating period.

Caution: Use it with caution if you are pregnant, do not take it during the first 3 months of the pregnancy. Female patients should take it 10-15 days before the first day of the menstruation.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:ru kang pian




乳腺增生症在祖国医学中属“乳癖”范畴,其发病机制为郁怒伤肝,肝郁气滞,气滞血瘀;或饮食不节、劳倦忧思伤脾,脾失健运,痰湿内蕴,积聚于乳络,日久而成 包块。杨毅等间从脏腑辨证角度论述了肝、脾、肾的生理病理变化及其在乳腺组织增生症发展中所起的作用,认为肝郁、肾虚为本病最基本的病因,肝郁、肾虚为本,气滞、血瘀为标。治宜疏肝健脾、行气活血、散结止痛,并调节免疫和内分泌功能。


乳康片治疗乳腺小叶增生病的作用机理研究结果表明,乳康片可显著降低外周血雌二醇水平,减慢乳腺上皮细胞DNA的复制速度,抑制其有丝分裂,降低其生长、分 化、分裂及增生活性,使增生的细胞向正常细胞转化,从而达到预防和治疗乳腺小叶增生的目的。临床实验又表明乳康片有调节下丘脑-垂体-卵巢功能,调节免疫 -神经内分泌的功能,使性激素水平趋于正常,从而恢复正常的乳腺生理功能。

Product label: Breast Health Tablets
Chinese common name: Ru Kang Pian
Packing: 60 tablets (400 mg each) / bottle
Product of China.

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Breast Health

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