• san qi fen (Tienchi Ginseng Powder)

This is a dietary supplement made of Panax notoginseng root by the advanced micropowder grinding technology that keeps the most effective nutrients within contents and makes them be fully adopted by the body. In traditional Chinese medicine Radix notoginseng is used to resolve stasis, stop bleeding, activate the blood and check pain, for various kinds of external and internal hemorrhage, blood stasis and pain in cases of traumatic injuries, and angina pectoris. Using Tienchi ginseng extract as a dietary supplement helps lower high blood pressure and reduce blood lipid cholesterol, and prevent coronary heart disease.

Ingredient: Tienchi Ginseng root.

Directions: Take Tienchi Ginseng Powder 1 ~ 2 teaspoons (about 1 ~ 2 g) orally with warm water each time, 2 times a day (prefer morning and evening). Each container provides 20 services, lasts 10 days. Do not use during pregnancy.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Tienchi Ginseng acts on the Meridians heart and kidney, tonifying Yin and blood. It has long been recognized as one of Chinese best tonic herbs for building the blood, improving the circulation and preventing anxiety. Panax notoginseng is a key dietary support to optimize circulation and to enhance defense system balance. Widely used by Chinese doctors who are known to hail Tienchi Ginseng as the "Miracle Root for Preservation of Health," and because of its isotonic properties, botanists have classified it as an adaptogen. While most ginsengs are deemed to be either yin or yang in action, Tienchi is considered to be neutral.

Scientists have found Tienchi to contain two important constituents: saponins and flavonoids. Saponins, the primary active substance of ginseng, are known as ginsenosides, of which there are many. Flavonoids, or bioflavonoids, play a major role in nutrition.

With bio-scientific technology modern medicine researchers find and identify as many as effects and benefits of Tienchi Ginseng properties:

Ten Effects of Tienchi Ginseng

1. Can helps prevent and treat coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and etc.
2. Effective on hematopoiesis.
3. Reduces blood lipid and cholesterol. Bidirectional regulation on blood sugar and inhibit arteriosclerosis.
4. Can helps stopping bleeding effectively.
5. Can helps analgesia. Anti-fatigue and improve memory.
6. Anti-aging as an effective general rejuvenator.
7. Immune-modulation
8. Anti-tumor.
9. Anti-inflammation.
10. Protects Liver.

Other Benefits

1. Controls weight and loses weight.
2. Helps stop abdominal pain during sports.
3. Improve exercise performance.

汉语拼音:San Qi Jiao Nang






Product label: Tienchi Ginseng Powder
Chinese common name: San Qi Fen
Packing: 40 g in a container
Product of China.

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san qi fen (Tienchi Ginseng Powder)

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