• Fu Yin Tai Herbal Lotion

This female hygiene herbal lotion is used to clean the vaginal area. Helps relieve itching, inflammation, discharge and minor discomforts.

Cnidium (fruit)
Indian madder (rhizome)
Epazote (whole plant)
Distilled water

Actions: Clearing heat and resolving toxin, killing the bugs and relieving itching, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain.

Main indications: Use for helping women mildew colpitis, infusorial colpitis, fungal colpitis, pudendum itching, red and white vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, eczema, body and thigh ringworm, prickly heat, gonorrhea, purulent genitalia inflammation.

Directions: Use 15ml lotion to mix with 1000ml water, as hot as can be comfortably to wash 1-2 times a day, wet cotton pad or towel, apply and clean the vaginal area, one week as a course.
For external use only. Do not use if you are pregnant.

Fu Yin Tai Herbal Lotion
Packing: 5.29 fl. (oz) / bottle
Product of China

汉语拼音:fu yin tai

主要成分:蛇床子、 千里光、木槿。



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Fu Yin Tai Herbal Lotion

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