shi quan da bu wan (Ten Flavor Tea Extract)
shi quan da bu wan (Ten Flavor Tea Extract) 

shi quan da bu wan (Ten Flavor Tea Extract)

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use for pale complexion, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, spontaneous sweating, fatigue, lack of strength, cold limbs, and heavy menstruation, pertaining to dual deficiency of heart qi and blood, supplementing to warm and invigorating qi and blood.

Product label: Ten Flavor Tea Extract
Packing: 200 concentrated pills / bottle
Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China.

Dong quai (root)
Rehmannia (cured root tuber)
Bai-zhu atractylodes (rhizome)
Codonopsis (root)
Poria (sclerotium)
Chinese peony (root)
Chinese licorice(root)
Ligusticum wallichii (rhizome)
Cassia (bark)

Actions: Tonifies Qi and Blood and alleviates fatigue, warms the Yang and dispels cold.

Indications: Used for chronic coughing that is worse after exertion, shortness of breath, weariness, fatigue, weakness of the lower extremities, cold extremities, poor appetite, pale complexion, palpitations, spermatorrhea, slow speech, chronic abscesses, non-healing sores, continuous spotting, and dysmenorrhea, and debility following illness, surgery childbirth. It is applicable to gastric carcinoma with deficiency of qi and blood; chronic renal failure marked by sallow complexion, shortness of breath, reluctance to talk, lassitude, weakness, spontaneous perspiration, dizziness, vertigo, pale lips, numbness of hands and feet, palpitation, insomnia, pale, and tender tongue, weak and thready pulse; acute mastitis due to qi and blood deficiency syndrome, thin pus after rupture, relieved tumefaction and pain, slightly red granulation in the wound and difficult to be healed, accompanied by lustreless complexion, low spirit and lassitude, pale tongue, thin coating, and thready pulse; syphilis with long duration, pale granulation in the ulcerous surface, with thin purulent fluid and without healing for a long time, withered yellowish complexion, accompanied by dizziness, blurred vision, palpitation, anxiety, short breath, reluctance to speak, pale tongue, thin coating, thready and forceless pulse; applicable to the recuperative treatment of postpartum hemorrhage due to qi asthenia; applicable to hypogalactia due to asthenia of qi and blood; optic neuritis which pertains to the syndrome of asthenia of both qi and blood.

Applicable to fracture of neck of femur in the late stage; intertrochanteric fracture in the late stage; dislocation of temporomandibular joint in the late stage; traumatic arthritis; degenerative arthritis.*

Directions: Take 8-10 pills each time, 3 times a day.
Caution: This formula is warm and drying and should not be used in cases of heat from Yin deficiency or in excess conditions.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:shen qi da bu wan



注 意事项:1.孕妇忌用。 2.忌食生冷、油腻食物。 3.外感风寒、风热。实热内盛者不宜服用。 4.不宜和感冒类药同时服用。 5.服本药时不宜同时服用藜芦、赤石脂或其制剂。 6.身体壮实不虚者忌服。 7.本品中有肉桂,属温热药。因此有实热者忌用。 8.本品宜饭前服用或进食同时服。



中 医学认为,气和血是人赖以生存的两种基本元素,先天体质虚弱,或劳累过度,或病后调养不当,或失血过多等,均可导致气血两虚,引发各类疾病。可出 现面色苍白或萎黄,头晕眼花,食欲差,精神不振,多汗且活动后加重,甚至心慌气短等表现。十全大补汤能温补气血,从根本上改善上述症状。对于因为过于劳累 而导致的种种疑难疾患,往往有意想不到的疗效。临床上还可用于治疗低蛋白血症,贫血、白细胞或血小板减少症,及慢性萎缩性胃炎、胃下垂、虚性疮疡久不收口 等疾病。

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