Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences

Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences

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A total of 293 widely varied cases are collected, including "penetrating" acupuncture with gold needles, suppurating moxibustion, treatment of scrofula, wind stroke and paraplegia, techniques of superficial insertion and frequent rotation, treatment of difficult diseases.

Title: Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences
Author/editor: Chen Yongbang, et al.
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press (January 1, 1989)
Language: English
Hardcover: 639 pages
ISBN: 7119010425 / 9787119010427
Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.6 x 1.6 inches

Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences features the essentials of clinical experiences and provides information and reference materials to readers who will share its benefits in their clinical practice and study.

The book consists of sixty-nine articles, each of which is the clinical speciality of a professor, an associate professor, or a research fellow. Every article is composed of three parts. Part one gives a brief introduction to the author's background, his or her major achievements, representative works, working unit and current professional titles. Part two deals with the academic characteristics and medical specialties; it covers the theory, technique, prescription, acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and other treatment methods such as qigong and massage, and the instruments of acupuncture and moxibustion. Part three is a consideration of the case records, in which some typical cases are analyzed as proof to the theory under discussion, and some difficult cases, although not strictly related to the topic being discussed, are adopted when deemed necessary. Not every articles mentions all these items. There are a total of 293 cases collected in the book. 639 pages, hardcover.


  • Full Understanding of a Disease and Significance of Arrival of Qi -Yu Shuzhuang's Clinical Experience
  • Technique of Superficial Insertion with Frequent Rotation -Ma Shiming's Clinical Experience
  • Application of Qi Conducting and Meridian Regulating Manipulation -Ma Ruilin's Clinical Experience
  • Deep Insertion of Zhongwan (Ren 12), Heavy Moxibustion at Guanyuan (Ren 4), Bloodletting at Weizhong (B 40), and Venous Cupping Therapies -Wang Fengyi's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment of Scrofula, Wind stroke and Paralegia -Wang Leting's Experience
  • The Application of the Differentiation of the Meridian Reaction Points -Dr. Wang Pinshan's Clinical Experience
  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion Corresponding to the Syndromes and Combination of Points According to Its Rules -Dr. Wang Xuetai's Clinical Experience
  • The Theoretical Research and Application of Scalp Acupuncture -Fang Yunpeng's Clinical Experience
  • Refreshment of the Mind, Quantitation of the Manipulation, Zang-fu Differentiation and the Pricking Method of Bloodletting -Dr. Shi Xuemin's Clinical Experience
  • Proficiency in Penetrating Points with the Gold Needle -Ye Xinqing's Clinical Experience
  • Point Application and Herbal Moxibustion -Tian Chonghuo's Clinical Experience
  • Exposition of Penetrating Acupuncture with Long Needles -Feng Runshen's Clinical Experience
  • Five Necessities in Acupuncture and Research on Their Mechanism -Kuang Peigen's Clinical Experience
  • Research and Application of the New Nine Needles -Shi Huaitang's Clinical Experience
  • Priority for Qi Regulation and Magic Use of New Points -Bi Fugao's Clinical Experience
  • Synchronous Manipulation and Combination of Pair Points -Liu Jingshan's Clinical Experience
  • Proficient in Applying the Needling, Pricking, Scraping and Cupping Techniques -Qu Zuyi's Clinical Experience
  • Principle Based on Differentiation, Prescription According to Principle -Liu Guanjun's Clinical Experience
  • The Reinforcing and Reducing Method, Application of Back-Shu Points and Crossing Combination of Acupoints -Yan Runming's Experience
  • Advocating Acupuncture Treatment Based on Differentiation of Syndromes According to the Theory of Jingjin and Emphasis on the Research of Needling Technique -Dr. Guan Jiduo's Clinical Experience
  • Finger Pressure and Warm Reinforcement -Xu Shiqian's Clinical Experience
  • Suppurating Moxibustion -Yan Dingliang's Clinical Experience
  • Primary and Secondary Prescriptions and New Advances in Selecting Local Points -Li Zhuanjie's Clinical Experience
  • Standardization of Reinforcing and Reducing Method, Improvement of Moxibustion -Li Zhiming's Clinical Experience
  • Bloodletting Therapy and Selecting Points -Yang Jiebin's Clinical Experience
  • Studies of Selection of Points, Combination of Points and the Manipulations -Yang Jiasan's Clinical Experience
  • Five Steps in Differentiation and Multiple Shallow Needling -He Shuhuai's Clinical Experience
  • Selecting Points and Improving Acupuncture Implements -Yu Zhongquan's Clinical Experience
  • Three Steps in Needling, Three Prescription in Treating Paralysis -Song Zhenglian's Clinical Experience
  • The Clinical Study on the Needling Sensation -Zhang Jin's Clinical Experience
  • Point Injection and Ear Acupuncture Therapy -Zhang Heyuan's Clinical Experience
  • Congenital and Acquired Situation in Pulse Diagnosis, Warming Tonification and Cold Reducing in Acupuncture Techniques -Lu Shouyan's Clinical Experience
  • Classification in Toning and Reduction, Benefits from Acupuncture and Moxibustion -Chen Dazhong's Clinical Experience
  • Palpation of the Meridian and Time Phase of the Meridian -Chen Zifu's Clinical Experience
  • Reinforcing and Reducing by Slow and Quick Insertion of the Needle, and Scalp Acupuncture- Chen Keyan's Clinical Experience
  • Differentiation of Syndromes in Meridians, and Balancing the Liver and Spleen -Chen Zuolin's Clinical Experience
  • Effect of Back-Shu Point in the Treatment of Mental Disorders -Shao Jingming's Clinical Experience
  • Effect of Moxibustion -Luo Shrong's Clinical Experience
  • Regulation of the Spleen, Stomach and Qi -Zheng Zhuoren's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment of Difficult Diseases with "Eight Methods" -Zheng Kuishan's Experience
  • Heat-reinforcing and Cold-Reducing and the Eight Needling Methods -Dr. Zheng Yulin's Clinical Experience
  • Acupuncture with Massage to Induce Qi Flow and Kill Pain -Zhao Yuqing's Clinical Experience
  • Selection of Points Based on Minute Differentiation of Syndromes -Zhao Erkang's Clinical Experience
  • Consistency of Pathogenesis, Method of Treatment, Prescription and Needling Techniques, and Correct Application of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Point Injection -Jiang Shuming's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment of Diseases with the Five Ancient Acupuncture Techniques -Jiang Yijun's Clinical Experience
  • Skillful Needling Technique and Effective Methods for Saving the Dying and Curing the Sick -Shi Jimin's Clinical Experience
  • Reinforcing and Reducing with Moxibustion and Simple Selection of Acupoints -Zhong Yueqi's Clinical Experience
  • Stress on Differentiation of Qi, Toning the Spleen and Purging the Liver of Pathogenic Fire -He Huiwu's Clinical Experience
  • Three Methods to Remove Stagnation of Qi - Chief Cause of a Disease -He Puren's Clinical Experience
  • Skillful Use of Acupoints in Du Meridian and Confluent Points of Eight Extra Meridians, Pioneering in "Needle-Substitute Herbal Paster" and "Moxibustion with Herbal Pad" -Qin Liangfu's Clinical Experience
  • Analysis of the Diseased Area with the Combined Approaches of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Depth on Puncturing the Points of the Du Meridian and the Shu-Points -Yuan Shuo's Clinical Experience
  • Clinical Application of the Theory of Spleen and Stomach in Acupuncture Treatment -Yuan Jiuling's Clinical Experience
  • Study and Application of the Lightning Point -Xu Bin's Clinical Experience
  • Quick Needling Technique and New Ways for Selecting Acupoints -Xu Benren's Clinical Experience
  • Inserting Needles in Sequence, Withdrawing Needles in Particular Conditions -Gao Yuchun's Clinical Experience
  • Reinforcing and reducing Manipulations and the Properties of the Points, Investigation of New Points and Emphasis on Differentiation According to the Theory of Meridians and Collaterals -Gao Zhenwu's Clinical Experience
  • Research on Breast Tumors -Guo Chengjie's Clinical Experience
  • Theory and Application of the Effective Spots in Acupuncture -Guo Xiaozong's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment with Ren-Du Acupoints, Bleeding Collaterals in Relieving Blood Stagnation -Xi Yongjiang's Clinical Experience
  • Four Needling Methods and Eye Disorder Differentiation -Huang Shengyuan's Clinical Experience
  • Concise Selection of Acupoints and Seeking Qi Arrival by Manipulating the Needles -Huang Xianming's Clinical Experience
  • Elaboration of Acupuncture Essentials and Eye Needling Therapy -Peng Jingshan's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment Based on Differentiation of Syndromes, Herbs and Acupuncture Being of the Same Source -Cheng Xinnong's Clinical Experience
  • Adopting Right Secondary Points and Puncture Techniques, Combining Acupuncture with Qigong -Jiao Guorui's Clinical Experience
  • Research on Scalp Acupuncture -Jiao Shunfa's Clinical Experience
  • Techniques of Deep Insertion at Fengfu Point and the Application of Direct Moxibustion -Xie Xiliang's Clinical Experience
  • Treatment Methods Varying with Different Symptoms, Effects Obtained from Different Acupoints -Lou Baiceng's Clinical Experience
  • Application of Qi Inducing Method and Making A Herbal Fumigator -Yan Youzhai's Clinical Experience
  • Simultaneous Needling of Two acupoints and Selection of Specific Points -Wei Fengpo's Clinical Experience

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