Guilinggao Instant Herbal Jelly (Powder)

Guilinggao Instant Herbal Jelly (Powder)

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Especially for dry skin, aging and young people's pimples (acne), various oral ulcers, dry mouth, dry throat, insomnia, dreams, habitual constipation, acute and chronic urinary system infections, such as milky urine, sore waist and knees, inflammation of the female reproductive system, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, red leucorrhea, skin itching, boils, etc. due to the heat and toxin in the stomach and intestine. Gui Ling Gao is a kind of black jelly like Chinese medicine, effective on clearing heat and resolving blood toxin, recovering from skin disorder. It is normally slight bitter in taste, however, it becomes a Chinese style dessert, popular with the young and old.

Product label: Instant Herbal Jelly (Powder)
(Gui Ling Gao Jing)
Packing: 12 bags (10g per bag)
Manufactured by Wuzhou Traditional Food Co., China.

Japanese honeysuckle (flower)
Chrysanthemum (flower)
Poria (root tuber)
Pearl (powder)
Mesona (whole plant).

Actions: Eliminates toxins and relieves fever, moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough, invigorates the stomach and intestines, treats acne, and improves constipation.

Guilinggao is thought to be good for the skin, allowing for a healthier complexion upon repeated consumption. Other supposed positive effects of the jelly includes improving circulation, assisting muscle growth, relieving itching, reducing acne and kidney restoration.*

Directions: Mix one bag of instant herbal jelly powder with a little warm water, then pour in 5 oz of boiling hot water while stir quickly till smooth. Allow to set to cool, the ready to serve with syrup or honey for better taste.
Cautions: Not use during pregnancy. Not use if you are in conditions of inappetence, asthenia of the stomach and spleen, and loose stool.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:gui ling gao jingg

主要成分:龟板胶、土茯苓 、凉粉草、 金银花、菊花等。


服法与用量:每次可用1 - 2 包制作凉饮、凉粉、果冻。

龟苓膏滋阴补肾、润燥护肤、消除暗疮、调理脏腑、清热解毒、防止肤质老化及便秘,能促进新陈谢,提升人体免疫力,是现代人不可或缺之养生圣品。特别对皮肤干燥、老化和年青人的青春痘(粉刺)、多种口腔溃疡、口燥咽干、失眠多梦、 习惯性便秘、急、慢性泌尿系统感染,如小便白浊、腰膝酸软、女性生殖系统炎症,如盆腔炎、阴道炎、赤白带下,皮肤搔痒、疖疮红肿等有特别显著的改善作用。


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